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Learn to Optimize your Website for Holiday eCommerce 2020

Optimize your Website for Holiday eCommerce 2020

The eCommerce world is ruled by smartphones. This is no more a secret that modern shoppers prefer to shop from their smartphones. Ecommerce Website Optimization can improve your eCommerce store’s sales, boost targeted traffic and increase customer satisfaction. While applying eCommerce Store Optimization techniques, it’s important to follow good SEO practices to increase your site’s reachability and visibility and implementation of various other eCommerce store optimization tricks.

This blog is meant for business owners who want to optimize their eCommerce sites to increase sales in this holiday season.

10 Powerful Ways for eCommerce Website Optimization: Holiday Season 2020

Want to optimize your eCommerce store in this holiday season? Here is the list of 10 powerful ways for eCommerce website optimization.

1. Make Search Engine Optimization a priority

Ecommerce website development is an easy task but ranking it higher on Google requires efforts and implementation of cutting-edge techniques and strategies. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for all websites, be it a simple business site, news site or e-commerce site.  The proper implementation of Search Engine Optimization strategies will make your website to hold a higher ranking on Google, help targeted prospects to search your products and service and increase the exposure of your business to the digital world. There are hundreds of SEO rules to follow. You cannot apply all and every SEO rule is not meant for your site.

2. Increase your page conversion rate and persuade your customers to buy your products online

Your product pages are the main pages of your e-commerce site. That’s why it is important to improve your on-page SEO and conversion rates.

  • Use ALT text and relevant tags for search engines image optimization.
  • Make checkout secure, quick, easy, and convenient.
  • Develop original, engaging and relevant product descriptions.
  • Use high-quality product images that describe the product well.

3. Focus on site speed

Ecommerce entrepreneurs focus on website designing, attractive graphics, how beautiful the page looks, and more. But most of the time large photos, graphics, videos and interactive elements lead to slow down the site. The efforts invested in making the site beautiful and interactive could turn out to be a waste if the page doesn’t load in time and the website runs slow. A well-designed homepage and product pages are important for the site but it’s also important to find the web solutions, hosts providing required bandwidth and speed to support increased holiday traffic.

A slow down site can make you lose your customers straight in the hands of your competitors. According to Radware research, 57% of consumers abandon a site if it fails to load after three seconds. Also, a slow site gives a negative impression of the brand. That’s why, it is important to focus on site speed and make it a priority.

4. Use tools to simplify e-commerce website optimization

There are different tools providing assistance in website optimization. Below are a few:

5. Highlight your special discounts and offers

You should proudly display the special discounts and holiday offers to your customers in order to excite them to shop from your site. Make sure to display the special discounted products on the website’s homepage, offering easy access to users looking for the sale items. You can highlight your discounts and offers on the interactive web banners at the top of the home page

Leverage the power of social media. You can generate a significant amount of traffic by posting the special offers on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and more. Create interesting posts to attract your target audience, persuade them to shop from your store.

6. Make website’s security a priority

You should make consistent efforts to ensure your site’s security and avoid it from being hacked. It’s important to understand the sign of cyber attacks and invest in security solutions in order to become capable of handling any potential situations.

7. Easily availability of information

Modern shoppers want every information at their fingertips, they are least patient to search for information and they might lose interest in your site if they aren’t able to find what they are looking for. That’s why; you should make your contact info easily displayed on all the site pages so that in case customers have any queries about their orders, they can contact you.

Customer service is the backbone of successful eCommerce websites. Make sure to communicate with your customers, respond to their queries quickly, provide them updates via mobile notification or SMS about product shipping, expected delivery date and even upcoming discounts/deals.

You can implement below feature on your eCommerce website:

  • Live chat/chatbots: For instant messaging options like live chat to ensure you are providing 24/7 customer support.
  • FAQs: List of frequently asked questions with detailed answers on a dedicated FAQ page. This will reduce the need for customer service help as customers will be able to find the answers of their queries in the FAQ section.
  • Implement customer service software: This will help in organizing customer tickets helpful to address customer’s concerns/questions quickly.

8. Maintain a holiday content calendar

Undoubtedly, content marketing is an effective eCommerce marketing trick to build and improve your brand’s image in the minds of the target audience. You can exhibit holiday-themed content on your site in the form of blog posts and graphics to create the atmosphere of the holiday season in advance. For example, after sharing a blog post on your eCommerce website, you can share its summary on the brand’s FB page with relevant hashtags and attractive images and blog’s link.

Also, you should maintain the calendar of the upcoming events or festivals when you are planning to offer special discounts, offers and deals to your customers.

9. Build a beautiful Instagram Shop

Instagram – a Facebook product has gained huge popularity nowadays. Instagram shops allow customers to shop their favorite products without leaving the app and resulting in an easy and convenient way to boost the product reachability and improve business’s accessibility.

10. Enhance Mobile Responsiveness

A major portion of online shopping is done from a mobile device. That’s why it is imperative to increase your ecommerce store’s mobile responsiveness. Modern consumers crave for convenience, and seamless shopping experience and if they are not able to navigate through your website with ease, they will look elsewhere for similar products.

The potential customers might also come from social media platforms like Facebook, or Instagram which they access on their smartphones. If you’re advertising products on social media, it is necessary to have a mobile-friendly website to accommodate. Otherwise, you might not be able to utilize the benefits of social media marketing. Mobile-responsiveness is a must for an eCommerce site.

There are dozens of ways for eCommerce website optimization. The efficient and smart implementation of above mentioned tips can bring a more successful holiday season.

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