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4 Steps to Quickly Develop Instant Messaging App Solution like Telegram

Messaging App Development like Telegram

In 2019, the instant messaging app solution market size was $49.4 billion, which is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% during 2020-2025.

Today, the instant messaging industry might be ruled by WhatsApp with 2 billion users, but there are a few other innovative and insanely unique messaging apps like Telegram also breaking the leg without any marketing tactics.

In 2021, if you are ready to step into the instant messaging software industry with your unique ideas, Telegram like on-demand chat app development is the smart way for you!

Why Develop Instant Messaging Solution Like Telegram in 2021?

Currently, Telegram has 500 million active users with anticipated revenue of $4 billion in 2022 without promotions. And, daily 15 billion messages are sent per day over Telegram because:

High-end Security

Pavel Durov has given an open challenge of $200,000 to anyone who can decode Telegram encryption—which is still unclaimed. Telegram employs its own encryption protocol, unlike its competitors, to completely encrypt chats. The company has also received criticism for the highly encrypted chat system, but that’s what makes Telegram special in the end.

Free API

Telegram openly share their API and allows all app developers to use it in their own apps. That makes on-demand chat development affordable for everyone, excluding organizations with IPOs or those looking for huge investments.

Open Source Code

Telegram codes are open source that can be easily acquired by joining their community. If your chat app development company is part of the Telegram community, they already have detailed knowledge of the app’s codebase.

How to Develop Instant Messaging App Like Telegram Under your Budget?

Since Telegram offers free API and open-source codes to app developers, your on-demand chat app development can be accomplished as follows:

Step 1. Find a Messaging App Development Company

The fundamental step to develop a groundbreaking instant messaging app like Telegram is partnering with the right messaging app development company. Telegram has gained so much user base without any marketing because they offered high security, incredible privacy, and numerous enticing features to their users. You can also develop an app like that caliber only—when you have the support of the best chat app development company.

One good messaging app development company should possess the following traits—

  • A complete team including mobile developers, QA engineers, business model analyzers, and more.
  • Full infrastructure support—from the latest development technologies to custom development training.
  • Instant communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Around the clock customer care support, etc.

Step 2. Prepare Features Chart

The next stop is going to embedding powerful features like Telegram into your messaging app such as:

Multi-platform Availability

Telegram is available on Android, iOS, and web-based servers, which makes it easily accessible to global users. So, you should target hybrid app development to reach a large number of users with your app.

Complete Encryption

End to end encryption is the most preferred Telegram features that you can request your chat app development company to include in your app.

Different Accounts

Telegram allows users to login using different accounts and phone numbers instead of restricting one user per account like WhatsApp. You can allow your users to log in through multiple methods like a phone number or social media accounts to provide a better user experience.


Telegram is one of the first instant messaging apps to include Chatbots in the application. According to Gartner, 25% of customer service operations will be integrated with chatbots technology by 2020. So, you can provide an edge to your instant messaging app solution with build-in chatbots.

Cloud Storage

Like chatbots technology, cloud computing is the most prevalent technology, with a 19.4% compound annual growth rate. Therefore, Telegram allows its users to access data from anywhere without creating a backup. This technology enables users to track their sessions and down files anytime and anywhere.

Bulk Sharing

Telegram has reformed the definition of bulk sharing by allowing 1.5 gigabytes of smooth data transfer. One can share all types and sizes of files with Telegram—this is a feature that should embed in your on-demand chat app development list.

Multiple Groups

On Telegram, two types of chat groups can be created—Normal Groups (200 members) and Super Groups (100,000 members). With the multiple groups’ feature, you can gain a competitive edge over many famous messaging apps.

Step 3. Select Tech Stack

To include all these amazing features into your chat app, you have to first select a robust tech stack. Your messaging app development company can guide you in selecting the resilient and powerful technology bundle to build an app like Telegram. In original Telegram app development, these technologies are used:

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • Android SDK
  • C++
  • Object-C
  • C
  • Cocoa Touch (iOS)
  • Cocoa (OS X)

Step 4.  Monetization Model

Finally, you need to draft a business revenue model for your app that Telegram did not have for very long. Telegram was never meant to generate revenue; it was supposed to be a safe and encrypted platform to communicate. However, Telegram took the first step towards monetization by developing paid stickers on iMessage so that designers and developers can be paid from the generated revenue.

Now, if you have to develop a messaging app to generate income, you can opt for the following monetization methods:

Paid Ads: You can partner with various brands and run their ads within your app to make money.

In-app Purchases: You can add some paid elements to your app, like stickers or gifs that users can buy in your app.

In-app Money Transfer: For this method, you might need to expand your messaging app’s structure, but you can make money when users transfer money from your app.

Games: You can also offer paid games in your apps or include purchase-in elements in the games to generate revenue.

Note: You can use any revenue generation method as per your business model, but it is advised to use multiple methods to generate quick money, especially if you are a startup.

Cost of Developing an Instant Messaging App Solution Like Telegram?

When you wish to develop a chat app like Telegram from scratch, the development cost could go beyond $50,000. The exact app development cost can’t be predicted without proper information, but you can get an accurate quotation from the chat app development company by sharing basic details such as:

  • Number of features
  • Development portals like Android, iOS or both
  • Tech stack, etc.


Revenue generation might not be Telegram’s main objective, but similar apps like WhatsApp is making roughly $5 billion, which is not at all bad. Therefore, if you have an instant messaging app idea, you should definitely make it come true in 2021. Just find the best messaging app development company and launch your dynamic instant messaging app right away.

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