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Two-Ways to ‘Hire Dynamic Database Developers’ for your Team & Streamline your ‘Data’

Hire Remote Database Developers

According to one projection, approximately 463 exabytes of data will be generated globally by 2025—daily!

With the wave of websites, social media networks, and other online activities, the data generation pace has multiplied dramatically, leading to increased data storage demand four-folds by 2025.

Today, if businesses want to submerge through the big data hurricane, they need professionals who can develop, manage, and analyze. In short, you need to hire database developers who can constantly ensure high levels of data availability.

Do you want to know how to hire the best database developer to align your company’s database? Then, you have two amazing ways to hire a database developer for your team—let’s evaluate both ways!

Who is a Database Developer?

A database developer can design, develop, program, and implement a database system for an organization. When a company obtains information from vivid sources, database engineers develop a correlation between raw data and organize it into separate silos to generate reports.

Database developers frequently analyze and eliminate inefficient data segments to maintain optimally effective performance on an operational level. Overall, a database developer uses his or her skills and database management software to gather operational information and analysis it.

Core Responsibilities of Database Developers

Many companies aren’t still very clear about database developers job role; therefore, they won’t bother to hire them—that a big mistake because they can:

  • Analyze your current coding standards and suggest a new and better system.
  • Use business intelligence and marketing automation solutions to boost your efficiency.
  • Develop a user-friendly program to easily configure your company’s big data.
  • Maintains stability and reliability of database system.
  • Ensure database programs adhere to your business performance requirements.
  • Generate data reports based on activity, performance, functionality, and data governance.
  • Compile coding reports to propose timely changes.
  • Communicate with clients and business analysts to develop custom database solutions according to their briefing.

How To Hire Database Developers in Two-ways—A Long Route & Short Cut

It’s evident that database developers can be a great asset to your team and help to boost your return on the investment (ROI) alongside—collect and disseminate accurate data, maintain the data security, integrity, and privacy, implement the right data management practices and more.

To streamline your business data, you have two primary ways to hire a database developer:

Long Route —

As the name suggests, it is a long and time-consuming method to hire database developers, including the following steps:

Post a Database Developer Job Post

The first step is to invite proficient and competent DB developers for the job. For that, you have to write a compelling and detailed job description, including a high-level summary of the role, a list of responsibilities, required skills for the position, and any other relevant information. Also, write a short note about your company, work culture, and remuneration.

You can now post job requirements in your local newspapers or on online job sites like Indeed, Craigslist, JonInventory, Techfetch, and many more. Digitally, you have many other ways to invite potential candidates through social media posts, groups, or career page on your official website.

Shortlist Suitable Candidates

Once you have advertised database engineers’ job requirements using various methods, next, you have to analyze all the job applications and shortlist the suitable candidates as per your requirements. You can shortlist applicants based on any relevant criteria, but it is recommended to look for the following credentials at primarily recruitment stage:

  • Basic academic degree in computer science, data analytics, engineering, or an equivalent discipline.
  • Relevant practical experience with LAMP, MySQL, Hadoop, HBase, and other prevalent big data technologies.
  • Knowledge of database security framework design and implementation.
  • Previous work experience in the multiple data science verticals, etc.

Individual Interview Sessions

Now, you have to call shortlisted candidates for the one on one physical or virtual interview to analyze their real-time capabilities. You can appoint your senior database or other engineering staff along with an HR representative as an interview panelist to test candidates under pressure. Through the interview process, you can analyze:

  • Problem-solving capabilities
  • Communication skills
  • Team collaboration abilities
  • Independent work discipline

Final Testing

Lastly, the few candidates who passed your intense interview sessions should be given a real problem and time-bound them to provide a solution. With testing, you can understand whether the applicant can work as per your requirements or not. The real work environment testing is really important because sometimes great academicians and communicators fail to perform under a predefined ecosystem.

Finally, after four long steps, you’ll find the best database developers for your time!

Short Cut Solution —

If you don’t have time or energy to scrutinize hundreds of job applications and prepare scientifically-driven recruitment tests, you can pick a shortcut pathway and knock at the doors of professional database developers’ recruitment sites.

On the websites like Toptal, Arc, Cloudlabs247, and other similar portals, you can hire database developers without going through the hassle of posting jobs, scrutinizing applications, interviewing candidates, or testing them. You just need to contact professional recruitment website staff and share your database developer requirements with them, and instantly, they’ll provide the list of competent candidates matching your business needs.

You don’t have to test or interview candidates because they are already tested multiple times by these companies. Plus, reputed remote engineer hiring portals offer a free trial period so that you can work with developers in real-time and evaluate their performance better. For instance, Cloudlabs247 offers two weeks free trial and Toptal for ten days.

So, you can hire highly experienced and professional database developers from job portals within a few hours!


Now, it’s your choice whether to adopt a long or short method to hire a database developer for your team. However, later one is better as you can hire remote database developers via job portals. So, pick the right hiring model and streamline your company’s database today.

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